Sexual racism doesn’t go away – it just takes different forms.

Alexander Chee, a talented American writer who I met years ago, has got an article out in Out magazine where he comments on a tumblr blog called “Douchebags of Grindr”.

Check it out here.

It was brought to my attention on facebook by Sylvia Tan, the talented editor of Fridae.com.

The content and arguments in the article are not new – but it’s great to see it in a prominent magazine like OUT, Alexander inserts himself into the story talking about some of his experiences (great – so it’s not just a diatribe) and the article is talking about Grindr, which rather updates are old complaints about gaydar profiles and the like.

An excerpt:

“If your profile reads “I block more Asians than the Great Wall of China!” you’re not only racist, it’s even weirder than that: You’re looking for a fellow Asian hater to date. You’re using the disguise of a semi–socially acceptable way to say you’re a racist and looking to hook up with other racists. That’s fine. Just change your profile to RACIST, SEEKS SAME instead.”


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