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Adeline submitted this comment on 2012/01/04 at 9:40 am

“I think it’s great to address the issue of sexual racism however I think the issue is larger and that we should be looking at sexual oppression. What about the fat phobia, femme phobia and misogyny that is expressed in the example “No Fats, Fems or GAMs”. Also, I feel that merely couching people on how to express racism in a more palatable way “Looking for slim, fit, masculine guys. Usually prefer men of [caucasian, latino, black] background”, still isn’t dealing with the root causes of racism.”

In response to an online survey, “Would you or have you dated someone outside your race? – Relationships -Dating, marriage, boyfriends, girlfriends, men, women, friends, attraction … – Page 27 – City-Data Forum

Nimchimpsky wrote: it’s kind of hard to be of color and NOT be willing to date outside your race in the gay community. Being gay already limits our options, having racial preferences would only serve to limit further. Actually more emphasis tends to be placed on race when it comes to selecting partners in the gay community, psrticularly among gay males. A strong tendency to date within one’s racial group often co-exists alongside a strictly-defined racial hierarchy for those who choose to date outside the group, where white gay men dwell at the top and black and Asian gay men the bottom (no pun intended). The racial issues present in the heterosexual mainstream are often magnified quite starkly in the LGBT community.

Also, found a PING comment from April 2011, where ‘sexual racism’ was referenced in a blog about ‘desire, film and gender’. The blogger says:

‘I tried online dating when I was younger only to abandon it in exasperation. I’ve never been a fan of online dating; mainly, because it is bleak. It strips the process of  dating & getting to know someone down to the bare essentials: it makes dating much like grocery shopping. This effect makes it easier for people to be very biased, if not outright racist (I don’t like Asians, Blacks, Whites, Arabs, etc.). It seems anything goes if one employs the defense of  a highly “personal” sexual preference and under the cloak of the Internet’

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