Hey. My bro forwarded me a link to an article from last year published in New York’s Metro Weekly.

By Daniel Lee, it’s passionate and articulate, and I like the way that he calls out sexual racism both in the larger community and by gaysians ourselves…


Some excerpts:

  • “gay men have become unapologetic sexual racists, gender purists and enforcers of a gay male body culture on par with the oppressive beauty myth that women have endured for decades, as manifested in the phrase, ”No fats, no femmes, no Asians.” We gay men have seen it, or used it (or a variation of it) in endless personal profiles, but nonetheless, the disqualifying mantra is the un-critical acceptance of racial, gender, and body-biases often rationalized with the subsequent phrase, ”Just a preference.”
  • Our sexuality and our sexual desires are not static. Someone who claims to only be into ”butch” men could very well find himself unbearably attracted to a more effeminate man. Perhaps not as feasible, but not impossible. And that’s the point: it isn’t impossible, so why go shutting out the possibilities with inane disqualifiers?

Check it out.


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