here’s a recent comment on the site from ‘immoralporn’ (with my replies below…):

I find this OFFENSIVE BEYOND BELIFE!!!! I have no sexual interest in asian men so I am racist????

No. We’ve not said that. However, we would ask you why you don’t have any sexual interest in Asian men.

I have absolutley NO sexual interest in WOMAN either so does that make me SEXIST???

No. It makes you either gay or asexual. But attraction to someone by their gender (male/female) is not the same as attraction to someone by skin colour. I think gender is generally a biological thing (with a bit of cultural and social overlay), but attraction to skin colour is cultural and social. It’s not biological. People are not BORN attracted to white, brown or yellow people.

I am sick to death of being told by the straights that i dont fit in there and now im being told by the gay community that i dont fit in there because im not interested in sleeping with other races!!!!! ENOUGH!

Actually, we’re not the gay community. We’re a handful of people interested in opening up discussion, and also making the gay community a safer place for gay men of all skin colours and cultural background.

I’m sorry that you don’t fit in. That’s how many of us feel – which is why we want to make our community a friendlier place to hang out. Perhaps fitting in is also opening your eyes and ears, rather than feeling excluded right away. On the other hand, if you are as angry and aggressive as you seem, we probably don’t want you hanging around that much, but the invitation is open for dialogue and growth.

As it says elsewhere on the board, we don’t consider it racist to not want to sleep with men of other races. Boring, perhaps, but not racist. But people can express that preference in racist and unwelcoming ways. That’s what we’re against.

(Andy, on behalf of the SRS team)

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