Nathaniel sends along this youtube video

‘After many profiles I saw saying: no blacks, no asians and observing the behaviour of many white gay males when it comes to partner choice I have questioned some about it on the internet. Many claim that they are not being racist. They see the ethnically motivated partner choice as a preference, just like preferences for skinny or heavier men.Many of them say they do not hate black or asian people and have many friends with these backgrounds. In general they can not show pics of themselves with these friends, cant tell any names and I rarely see white males socializing with other ethnicities in clubs and such (unless they do have a preference for another race). I tested the validation of the preference argument on the net by adding to “no jews”next to “no blacks and no asians”. The response was overwhelmingly agressive and directed to “no jews”. People have called me antisemetic because I stated I dont want to sleep with Jews. They would not accept my statement it being merely a preference It seems that if you don’t fancy Jews, you are antisemitic. If you dont fancy blacks that doesn’t make you racist. Strange, because in my opinion it is equally valid not to date someone because of his convictions/beliefs as dating someone because of his physical appearance. In many cases too, Jews are genetically and often physically different from your average Swede or German so in that way there is somewhat of a racial difference. What do you think? I will delete nasty hurtful responses. This was an experiment revealing a double standard’.