Since updating the website to WordPress, we’ve gotten a number of comments. We’re making an editorial decision that we’d rather keep the argument plain and clear on the front page, and have discussions (hopefully lots of them) here in the blog section. So, here are the latest:

kaleem on 8 August 2011 at 12:36 pm said:

i read your website with interest. i dont believe there is any nationality or race i have excluded from my intimidate relations. i love the differences, i recognise their importance. i dont find these differences a handicap or a threat, i find them intrinsically a point of interest and a good quality. sadly, the rest of the gay scene hasn’t been quite so open minded or compassionate. it has really destroyed my sense of wellbeing on the scene. i am often told that i am attractive, intelligent, giving and confident by people that meet me yet i have been out of a relationship for too long and dates have been next to none. i know from parallel racial comparator experiences, that if my name was alex and i was caucasion, the responses to me and their outcomes would be vastly different. it has put me off looking for love and even pursuing dates. i appreciate you trying to raise awareness on the issue. i think its a very noble cause. thanks for trying to make a positive change in the world.

Ampersand on 22 August 2011 at 1:43 am said:

But what if the racism itself causes the sexual attraction? someone might be turned on by the fantasy to be dominated by members of one race/nationality because of certain cliches about that race/nationality. he might be well aware that it is only about cliches. in fact how would role plays etc., which are always underlying our sexual life, work without cliches, including those concerning race? I really don’t know, but can this be compared to what happens when we show very dominant, submissive, maybe even cruel behaviour in our sexual relationships that we would not consider appropriate in our every day social life, and that still lay at the core of our sexual preference and attraction?

Andrew on 9 September 2011 at 7:19 pm said:

file under ‘interesting’ ask yourself a V simple Question What the fuck did guys do b4 ‘Gaydar’ etc etc i used to use that strange weird and ‘ungay’ word = hello!

Jeebee on 6 October 2011 at 9:54 pm said:

I do not completely agree with your ‘politically correct’ Website. Racism is when you consider that qualities (positive or negative) of a person are due to his/her genes. Saying that Asian men, black men, Caucasians are hardworking people, lazy, or whatever IS RACISM. Just because even if any of those stupid assumptions were true, they would rather be cultural issues than genetical. (That being said, one cannot deny CULTURAL differences. Not between races, but between cultural background : I spend most of my life travelling around the globe and it’s TRUE : a Japanese worker does not react as a French one do, an American student does not work as a Morroccan student, and there is nothing racist in saying that. Just cultural difference) To get back to this website : Prefering some racial types is just a matter of taste. Nothing more. And there is NO RACISM involved. I’m Caucasian. Live with a black guy for more almost 20 years. I can have sex with almost any black man but am seldom excited by a white man (although sometimes). Nothing racist (I AM WHITE!) just a matter of taste. And when it comes to Asian, it’s even worse. I travel more than once a month ot China. Love it there. Love the country, the culture, the people. BUT i would be ABSOLUTELY unable to have sex with a Chinese man. I tried 2 or 3 times in my life, but it was a disaster ! I couldn’t get excited and was probably as disgusted as a straight man trying to have sex with another man !! I would conclude by saying that being direct and honest on a profile, is just time saving and should not be considered as any form of racism as IT JUST IS NOT.

Tia on 13 October 2011 at 4:52 am said:

I had no idea this was happening. Thanks for the eye opener. One of the problems is the word ‘race’.There is only one race HUMAN. Mitochondrial DNA even confirms this. We all have different or similar cultures and it’s high time we realize we don’t need to keep placing a wedge between those cultures. There is so much to share for all of us if we would just cut the shit.

So, there you have it? Comments? Anyone?