A new look, new software and a new section: a blog in which I’m going to try to feature highlights from the web and the sexualracismsux list on a regular basis.

Welcome! Have a look around.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Sexual Racism Sux! site.

  1. It’s obviously about individual psychology. The more specific we make our sexual preference requirements, the more we lose touch with reality. That’s just what it’s all about. Distraction from reality. Sexual fetishes are an extreme example of this. Requirements that are just far too specific. If you were genuinely interested in someone, you’d just do whatever worked compatibility wise. Basically, the more an individual limits his or her outlook, the more they close themselves off from “potential” in general.

  2. I appreciate the sincere effort of everyone involved with this project, and would like to offer a few insights of my own, which might help fill in any “gaps” which to my mind remain in the initiative.

    the domain name of this site “sexual racism sux” is itself an expression of negative preference. i would be far happier if i could see the site hosted on a domain which “walked the walk”, e.g. expressed a positive rather than a negative preference.
    i can see that someone might be damaged by all these statements of negative preference. but is there another side to the coin we are not seeing? for example, is there a risk we might damage the self-esteem of people who (through lack of development or education) still happen to hold preferences, by asserting our own preference against preferences? will this message itself leave anybody feeling diminished? you can probably see where i am coming from with this, i do not want to feel i am committing hypocrisy by “discriminating against those who discriminate”, or being “prejudiced at prejudice”. i wonder if the overall message could be improved to guard against this hidden danger?

    cheers guys,

    phil X

  3. Being gay we often encounter prejudices, fear of social damnation many guys get married and waste all their lives pretend to be everything but themselves. Despite all that, within our communities we so readily dish out prejudices with no hesitation. If only we could get pass races, we would see the real person and enjoy our encounters more, at the same time widen our horizon.

    Racism and Sexual racism are of the same premise that is generalization.
    How do you generalize an individual?

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