Get involved with confronting racism in the gay community. Start
conversations, confront racist speech where you find it, make contact with
like-minded others and link to this site to spread the ideas.

## Start Conversations

Try discussing the ideas from this web site with friends over dinner, at the
gym, over a beer at the pub. Don’t feel you have to be confrontational – just
start talking about what you read and see how people react. The most important
thing is to get people talking and asking questions about the attitudes we take
for granted.

## Confront Racist Speech Online

If you see people making racial generalisations online, try asking them if
they’ve thought about how their speech makes other people feel. Try directing
them to this site or use one of the [form letters](http://timbomb.net/andyq/gamforms.htm”) on [Andy Quan’s Sexual Racism page](http://www.timbomb.net/andyq/gam.htm).

## Make Contact, Give Your Input

If you want to send some feedback on what we’re saying (positive or negative), send it to
timbomb AT timbomb DOT net

If you’d like to make contact with other people interested in discussing
racial issues and sexuality, join our Yahoo group, cleverly named [sexualracismsux](http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sexualracismsux/).

## Link To Us

If you agree with what we’re saying and you want to share the message, put a
link to this page on your profile page or web page by following these
directions. Various services allow you to do various things, so we’ve created
four ways to let you show your support for the arguments we’re making. Pick the
one that works for you.

### Banner

On most services if you just paste the following code into your profile or
web page, it will give you this handsome banner linked to this page, as shown

<a href="http://www.sexualracismsux.com/&quot; target="_blank">
<img border=0 src="http://www.sexualracismsux.com/srs.gif"&gt;

SRS banner

### Text Link

If you’d rather use a text link, try this instead:

<a href="http://www.sexualracismsux.com/&quot; target="_blank"><b>Sexual Racism SUX!</b></a>

### Favourite Web Site

Some services (like gay.com) remove HTML (all those ‘<‘ and ‘>’
commands) from profile text, so these methods won’t work. Some of these
services let you put a link to a favourite web site or your home page, so if
you like you can point to us by putting our web address
(http://www.sexualracismsux.com) in there.

### Plain Text

The most restrictive services (like gaydar) don’t let you put any hyperlinks
in at all. In these places, you’re stuck just referring to the argument in the
profile text. We’d prefer it if you used a little summary like the one

Sexual Racism SUX!
[Please paste this web address into your browser for more info]

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